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Vermeer Terrain Leveler surface excavation machines deliver more than rock-penetrating power.

When you’re demolishing a road, prepping a site for new construction/reconstruction or surface mining, Vermeer has the features you need to get the job done fast and efficiently. Depending on the model, the Vermeer Terrain Leveler machines can cut an area up to 12’/3.7 m wide and up to 32”/81.2 cm deep in a single pass.

Plus with this machine, you’ll get consistent material; reducing the need for primary crushers, large loaders, large haul trucks and the associated permits to transport material to crushers.  No permits for blasting and end material is transportable by regular highway trucks.

Additionally because the Terrain Leveler drum is an attachment, you can switch it out with relative ease.  Replace it with a trencher cutting boom to perform work on mainline sewer and water applications or even pipeline projects.

Terrain Leveler SEM
Model Gross Horsepower Maximum Cutting Depth Cutting Width
T855III Terrain Leveler SEM 350 hp 32 " 102 "
T955III Terrain Leveler SEM Not applicable hp 32 " 132 "
T1055III Terrain Leveler SEM Not applicable hp 32 " 132 "
T1155III Terrain Leveler SEM 540 hp 25 " 132 "
T1255III Chain Drive Terrain Leveler SEM 600 hp 27 " 144 "
T1655III Terrain Leveler SEM 1200 hp 28 " 180 "
T1255III Direct Drive Terrain Leveler SEM 600 hp 20 " 144 "