Rubber Tracked Terramac® Crawler Carriers 

Vermeer Texas-Louisiana is an authorized distributor for Terramac RT9 and RT14 Crawler Carriers.  

Enjoy the versatility Terramac crawler carriers provide the pipeline industry and experience carrier support like never before. As an authorized distributor of Terramac’s carrier product line we offer both the Terramac RT9 and Terramac RT14 models, stock a large supply of parts, and have technicians equipped to service these machines reducing downtime should an issue arise. What sets Terramac crawler carriers apart from their competitors are the front and rear bolt on connections used to accommodate an assortment of specialized attachments including vac tanks, weld units, personnel carriers, fuel tanks, hydro-seeders, rock beds and convertible dump/flat beds. The customization options for these units simplify use of industry specific attachments, and have become a driving force pushing Terramac to the forefront of crawler carrier technology and innovation. 

The Terramac RT9 is the mid-sized model and the largest rubber track carrier in its class that does not require special hauling permits, allowing customers to transport between jobsites with ease. The RT9 has an operating weight of 26,000 pounds, maximum carrying capacity of 18,000 pounds, and ground pressure of just 5.1 PSI. The Terramac RT14 is the larger, heavy duty carrier by Terramac. This model boasts a 32,650 pound operating weight, 28,000 pound maximum carrying capacity, and ground pressure of just 7.5 PSI. Both Terramac rubber track carriers are fully equipped to handle the adverse terrain found on pipeline, utility, land restoration, and mining projects.

As an authorized distributor of Terramac products for Texas and South Louisiana we are proud to offer the RT9 and RT14 crawler carriers in our equipment line-up. These units are available for sale and rent to accommodate contractor's needs. 

Download Terramac literature below, watch videos of the product in action on You Tube or learn more about the Terramac at                                     


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